You can turn your baby into a burrito with a baby-sized tortilla blanket

tortilla swaddle (uncommn goods).jpg
Tortilla Baby (Courtesy: UncommonGoods){ }

We brought to the adult sized tortilla blanket Wednesday...but what about a tortilla swaddling blanket?

It's the real deal and will make your baby so cute you'll want to eat them up!

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The blanket, $48 at UncommonGoods, also comes with a matching cap to keep your baby's head toasty and warm.

The swaddle is described as "The soft layers of this cotton-blend tortilla swaddle and cap keep baby cuddled and irresistibly cute." on the website.

And just to complete the look you can also purchase some taco booties for just $25 that are "worthy of a mini fiesta, these adorable taco booties let your little one celebrate until they siesta."