Popular Utah hiking trail is getting 'loved to death,' city could limit visitation

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Popular Utah hiking trail is getting 'loved to death,' city could limit visitation

(KUTV) A popular Southern Utah hiking trail, Kanarra Creek Canyon, also known as Kanarraville Falls, is being “Loved to Death” according to the Kanarraville, Utah, town officials.

In past years, Tyler Allred a board member for the town said that 30,000 to 40,000 visitors have walked the hike, in fact some holidays Allred said close to 3,000 people make the hike in one day.

Already these increasing numbers have pushed the town to build a larger parking lot for visitors and recently asked those who park in that lot to pay $10.

Now a new concern arises, the quality of the town's water supply.

Allred said the amount of foot traffic that goes through that hike's water has the potential to contaminate or negatively impact the supply in future days.

“There's a little spring up in there that was developed in the 1930s and it's right as you get into the neck of the canyon." Allred said.

So now the board has put an idea on the table of possibly limiting the amount of people who can enter the trail on a daily basis. There’s been talk of only allowing 20 to 100 people a day on the hike, but that is just a discussion at this point.

"If it was me, I would like to see -- and If I was coming down here to hike it -- I’d like to see less people in the canyon," Allred said.

But there are still many hoops to jump through if this were to happen Allred said and their goal is not to close down the hike for everyone it’s simply to protect their towns water supply.

To hear from hikers and what they think of limiting visitation watch the news story above.