Mystery flowers stop being sent to North Carolina oncology unit after 12 years

Mystery flowers have been delivered to Mission's oncology unit for 12 years. (Photo credit:{ } Alivia Cozzarelli){ }

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS)- Mystery flowers that have been delivered to Mission Hospital in North Carolina for more than a decade have recently stopped. Nurses in the unit are trying to get them back.

For those on Mission's ninth floor, fighting cancer takes everything they have.

"These patients, a lot times, feel like they're given their death sentence," said Kim Venable, who works on the floor.

"Being an oncology nurse is hard, because we do see a lot of hardship and a lot sadness," she said.

One day 12 years ago, an anonymous person starting making one day of the week a little brighter for them.

"We think maybe we had a patient that was on the floor, the husband maybe sent flowers every Monday while she was here and when she passed continued to send those flowers to bring joy to other people struggling," Venable said.

The Monday flowers, as nurses call them, were sent every week, each bouquet different from the last.

The flowers were given to the patient who needed them the most that day.

"The patients who get these flowers, it can be anyone from this is their first day finding out that they have cancer," Karina Saunders said. "Maybe someone hasn't gotten a visitor maybe the whole time they've been here."

Saunders, a nursing unit supervisor, said she always looked forward to giving the flowers away.

"Sometimes, I'll tell them about the Monday flowers, and, sometimes, I'll just say you had a person thinking about you," Saunders said.

Then suddenly three weeks ago, the flowers stopped coming.

"I guess the florist that usually does them for us, they're closing down," said Simona Watt, another nurse.

The staff said the floor still gets flowers, but they aren't the Monday flowers.

"We're hoping someone will start them up again for us," Watt said.

Cancer takes away a lot, but one thing it can't take is the ability to make someone smile.

"To get to bring them in and just see their face light up and the family, they're so grateful," Watt said.

It doesn't matter who it is.

"It should stay anonymous. It kind of makes it special, the mystery behind it makes it special," Saunders said..

Mission said it is trying to get in contact with the anonymous sender through the florist. Mission officials said they hope they can get the flowers back.