Bacon is the reason behind this battery charge in Moscow, Idaho


For many of us, bacon is one of those foods that when you add it to something, it just makes that dish that much better. But recently, a fight broke out, and local deputies say it was fueled by bacon.

One woman ended up getting arrested in this incident.

"Most of the time, people are able to keep their cool over simple things like food.”

But in this case, Latah County Sheriff's deputy Branden DeMyer says a piece of bacon in the wrong hands left a bad taste in the suspect's mouth. A woman bought a hamburger, ate half of it, then brought it home and gave the rest to her daughter. But Deputy DeMyer says the daughter, battery suspect Makala Estes, wanted bacon on her burger. So inside the kitchen of their mobile home, she started to fry some up. That's when things got heated.

"The altercation was over the victim taking a piece of bacon," says DeMyer.

Investigators say the daughter walked into her mom's bedroom, knocked over her dresser, then faced her mother and attacked.

"According to the victim, grabbed her by the throat, and then spit on her."

Makala Estes was arrested and faces a battery charge. For deputies, this bacon incident was their first taste of what you could say was a hangry attack.

"I've never seen any altercation over a food item like this."

Deputy DeMyer tells me that wasn't the first time they were called to the home. They've been there before to investigate other domestic violence cases between the mother and daughter.