Md. rapper flies cross-country to meet 81-year-old woman he played in ‘Words With Friends'

(Photo courtesy of Amy Butler, @PastorAmyTRC)

Sometimes, friendships come in unlikely pairs – and means.

When Spencer Sleyon flew to Florida to meet with a friend, it wasn’t with one his age, or even with one he had ever met in person.

Instead, it was with an 81-year-old woman, Rosalind Guttman, who he met playing the popular game “Words with Friends.”

On Friday, Sleyon, from Silver Spring, met with Guttman in person after flying to Palm Beach, sharing photos of the encounter on Twitter that have since gone viral.

“We started chatting through the app and she became a good friend, someone I could confide in,” Sleyon told ABC News.

Sleyon played more than 300 “Words With Friends” games with Guttman, communicating through it as they played. They first started playing together in the summer of 2016.

After moving to New York City a few months ago, Sleyon stopped playing the game and, as a result, communicating with Guttman. But that didn’t mark the end of their friendship.

After hearing about Guttman through her daughter, Hannah, Pastor Amy Butler of Riverside Church in New York arranged for Sleyon and Guttman to formally meet.

“It was really cool meeting her," he said. "She is lovely and has a great personality.”

Sleyon and Guttman, along with Amy Butler who accompanied Sleyon the trip, went out together for lunch, where they shared smiles and laughs.

Sleyon is an aspiring rapper and hip-hop producer. His rapper name is Half Empty and producer name is High Class Filth.

According to ABC News, Butler said she has used the real-life example of Sleyon and Guttman's friendship in a sermon.

Sleyon, for what it’s worth, won 210 times to Guttman’s 114 wins. Still, his friendship looks to be the real win.