Corpus Christi's weather drastically improves after Hurricane Hanna

(Photo: SBG San Antonio)

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas- On Sunday, more than a quarter million customers are without power.

Restaurants in Port Aransas are still dealing with a pandemic now trying to re-open after Hanna.

"We’re hoping to get the power back on today, hopefully this evening. It’s very important because it’s the best time if the year right now," says Sirnan Hurnen, a Port Aransas Restaurant Manager.

Along with power outages, areas with out cell service, or without the ability to accept credit card payments are rampant. This community all too familiar with tropical storms and hurricanes.

"We had a lot of rain and a lot of wind, but fortunately we weren’t in the direct hit, so we’re very fortunate about that, a little bit of driving around today don’t seem like there’s any structural damage just some tree limbs and trash cans tossed, but fortunately we missed this one. We feel good about that," says Lisa Shelton, a Port Aransas resident.

On Padre Island, lots of clean-up with popular Bob Hall Pier loosing its end. Flooding continues in many areas along the coast.

Farther inland, some of the worst impacts can be seen from hurricane Hanna.

Life threatening floods with more than a foot of rain are falling near Harlingen.

"We don’t want people driving...get them out of that water," Tom Hushen, the Cameron County Emergency Manager said.

Portions of far Southern Texas continue to deal with very heavy rainfall Sunday evening into Sunday night, along with the continued threat of tornadoes.