Haddie Djemal - Beaumont Correspondent

Haddie Djemal

Haddie Djemal is a lifestyle correspondent and producer for Texas’s hottest lifestyle show, Daytime at 9.

Haddie made her way over to the Daytime at 9 family from Houston where she has worked in everything from news, entertainment and lifestyle as a host/reporter and producer. She’s a proud Coog with a broadcast journalism degree from the University of Houston.

Haddie’s career began on the stage of live high-profile events as a host and MC. Her talents quickly led her to becoming a media personality for lifestyle and entertainment shows, as well as a radio show host where she brought the first all-female talk show to the Houston airwaves before she eventually went on to cover hard-hitting news as a journalist and digital producer.

When Haddie’s not working she loves working out and binging her favorite TV shows. She’s a huge movie buff with a love for coffee, 90s music and people.